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Goli Maar De Lyrics is the latest brand new Punjabi song which is Sung by Asses Kaur and written by Vicky Sandhu. While this song is directed by Rav Dhillion and Released Under the Banner of Desi Music Factory. Hope you will find what you are searching for, so let’s Continue Goli Maar De Lyrics.

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Goli Maar De Lyrics

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Karda Rehna Ae Ignore Ve,
Tere Muhre Chalda Ni Zor Ve,
Saheliyan Ton Rakhdi Luka Ke Tainu Main,
Mere Bina Taki Na Koi Hor Ve,

Kolo Di Mukh Pher Langhde,
Eh Hunde Ni Asool Pyar De,
Je Sade Val Takna Nahin,
Chana Ve Sade Goli Mar De,

Jini Vari Tere Val Vekha Sohneya,
Tera Tan Dhyan Mere Val Hove Na,
Ohdon Tak Tainu Kujh Feel Hunda Na,
Jadon Tak Tere Mure Kudi Rove Na,

Tu Khijeya Rehna Aa Roz Ve,
Kade Hass Meri Jind Tharde,

Je Sade Val Takna Nahin,
Chana Ve Sade Goli Mar De,

Matching An Main Kardi A Jan Jan Ke,
Jan Bujh Notice Tu Karda Hi Nahin,
Mere Bina Rehna Ae Tu Bada Khush Ve,
Tere Bina Pal Mera Sarda Hi Nahin,

Vicky Sandhu Main Chalauni Apni,
Band Kar Tere Gehde Bahar De,

Je Sade Val Takna Nahin,
Chana Ve Sade Goli Mar De,
Je Sade Val Takna Nahin,
Chana Ve Sade Goli Marn De,

Goli Maar De Song Details

SongGoli Maar De
SingerAsses Kaur
Lyrics byVicky Sandhu
DirectorRav Dhillion
LabelDesi Music Factory
Goli Maar De Description

Goli Maar De Lyrics
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