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Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee Lyrics (Khesari Lal Yadav)

Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee Lyrics is the latest brand new Bhojpuri song which is Sung by Khesari Lal Yadav and Written by Azad Singh, Shyam Dehati. While this song is directed by Ashish Satyarthi and Released Under the Banner of Khesari Music World. Hope you will find what you are searching for, so let’s Continue this Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee Lyrics.


Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee Lyrics

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­­­­­­Nauki Bhauji Khada Badi, Mukhiya ke Chunaw Me

Mukhiya ke Chunau Me Ho

Mukhiya ke Chunau Me

Wah Wah

Abki Holi Bahute Niman, Lagatare Gaon Me

Lagatare Gaon Me Ho

Lagatare Gaon Me

Deoran Ke Support Se

Abki Bhute Votewa Khichegi

Holii Haiiii

Jitegee Bhai Jitegee,

Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee

Jitegee Bhai Jitegee,

Jo Party Degi Jitegee

Chup Raho Nhi to, Labda Se Pitegiii….


Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee

Mare Lagab Faltu Bolbe To

Bhujhata ki Naa


Sabke Khiyawa Taari,Murga Aur Litti,

Litti Murga Litti, Murga Litti Litti

Badhiya Tarika Se Kareli Rajniti

Nitti Nitti Nitti

Kareli Rajniti

Holii Hai…

Sabke Khiyawa tare Muraga aur litti

Murga aaur Litti

Haan, Murga aaur Litti

Nuka Tarika se kareli Rajniti

Kreli rajniti ho, Kreli rajniti ho

Suchaley wala Rupiya e WardMemeber me Chheetegi

Jitegi Bhai Jitegi,

Badki Bhauji Jitegi

Jitegi Bhai Jitegi,

Patarki Bhauji jitegi

Chup Rahi na to Labda Se Pitegi,


Jo Chumma degi Jitegi,

A Dher Faltu Mt bola, Naa To Maare Lagab

Holi Haii….


Holi Haii..

Holi Hai…

A ho,

Jane dekha Unhe, Inhe ke saara  Vote baa

Vote Baaa

Vote Baaa

Vote Baaa

Pyare lal, Azad Singh, shayam dehati ke Support baa

Support Baa ho, Humro Support Baa

Holi Haii

Jane Jane dekha Unhe

Inhe ke vote baa

Vote Baa Ho Vote baa Inhe ki Vote Baa

Pyare lal, Azad Singh, Shayam dehati ke Support baa

Support Baa ho, Sabke Support Baa

Kahela Khesari Ithihaash Abki Lihegi,

Jitegee Bhai Jitegee

Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee


Jitegi Bhai Jitegee

Jo Party Degi Jitegee

Chup Rahi Na To Labda se Pitegi


Jo Chumma Degi Jeetegee

A Aa..

Chupna Raha Saare,

Samaan Se Naam Liyal jala Kahu ke

Holi Hai..

Jo Chumma Degi Jitegee Song Details

SongJo Chumma Degi Jitegee
SingerKhesari Lal Yadav
Lyrics byAzad Singh, Shayam Dehati
DirectorAshish Satyarthi
LabelKhesari Music World

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