Date :September 24, 2021

Sexx Laws Lyrics – Beck

Sexx Laws Lyrics is the latest brand new English song which is Sung by Beck and written by Beck Hansen. While this song is Producer by Beck Hansen and Released Under the Banner of Beak. Hope you will find what you are searching for, so let’s Continue this Sexx Laws Lyrics.

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Sexx Laws Lyrics – Beck

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Sexx Laws Song Lyrics

Can’t you hear those cavalry drums?
Hijacking your equilibrium
Midnight snacks in the mausoleum
Where the pixilated doctors moan

Carnivores in the Kowloon night
Breathing freon by the candlelight
Coquettes bitch slap you so polite
Till you thank them for the tea and sympathy

I want to defy the logic of all sexxlaws
Let the handcuffs slip off your wrists
I’ll let you be my chaperoned at the halfway home
I’m a full grown man but I’m not afraid to cry

Sexx Laws Song Details

SongSexx Laws
Lyrics byBeck Hansen
ProducerBeck Hansen
song name Description

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Sexx Laws Song Image
Sexx Laws Song Image

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