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Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Lyrics is the latest brand new Tamil song which is Sung by Sid Sriram and written by Radhan. While this song is directed by Gireessaya and Released Under the Banner of Aditya Music. Hope you will find what you are searching for, so let’s Continue this Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Lyrics.

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Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Lyrics

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Kannilae kanneerilae
Pirinthae naan pogindren
Vinnilae ven megamaai kalainthae
Naan mella mella karainthen
Azhugai ennum aruviyil
Dhinam dhinam naanum vilunthenae
Nilavae un nizhalinai
Thodarnthida naanum vizhainthenae
Yen ennai pirinthaai
Uyire, uyire
Kaadhalai eriththaai en azhagae
Yen ennai pirinthaai
Uyire, uyire
Kanneeril uraindhaai kanave
Yen ennai pirinthaai
Uyire, uyire
Kaadhalai eriththaai en azhage
Yen ennai pirinthaai
Uyire, uyire
Kanneeril uraindhaai kanave
Iravum En Pagalum
Un Vizhiyin Oram Pookindrathey
En Uyirum Un
Oru Sol Thedi Alaigindrathey
Ennaanatho En Kaadhale
Man Thaagam Theerum Mazhaiyile
Azhugai Ennum Aruviyil
Dhinam Dhinam Naanum Vizhunthene
Nilave Un Nizhalinai Thodarnthida
Naanum Vizhainthene
Yen Ennai Pirinthaai
Uyire Uyire
Kadhalai Erithaai En Azhage
Yen Ennai Pirinthaai
Uyire Uyire
Kanneeril Urainthaai Kanave

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Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Song Details

SongYaen Ennai Pirindhal
SingerSid Sriram
Lyrics byRadhan
LabelAditya Music
Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Description

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Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Lyrics Image
Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Image

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Yaen Ennai Pirindhal Lyrics Video

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